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The Richard Theory

One BSC character that Jenna and I talk and theorize a lot about is Richard Spier. I'm not trying to offend the Richard-lovers (I know you're out there!), but Jenna and I are a little creeped out by him and we've come to the conclusion that he has illegitimate children all over Stoneybrook. It all started when we were wondering why Kristy's dad just up and left one day. We decided it must be because Kristy's mom had an affair (or at least a one-night-stand) with Richard that resulted in David Michael. Our reasoning is pretty much based on

Pretty convincing, right? (Please just say yes). So then our theory expanded to Richard being the father of Mary Rose "Rosie" Wilder, Emily Michelle Thomas-Brewer, and John Philip Ramsey, Jr. I hope Jessi can handle it when she finds out Squirt is only half-black.

So I guess most of the reason we're creeped out by Richard is due to our own imaginations, but that's okay. And for some more creepy-Richard fun, read Dawn's Big Move. Richard and the rest of the Schafer-Spiers have a romp in their undies...in their front yard!

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The Gross Pikes

A lot of people seem to really enjoy reading about the Pikes, but we don't. They're gross! Puking is pretty much the most disgusting thing ever, and that's all Margo ever does. In one book it's revealed that Nicky has worn the same pair of socks for two weeks. In another book it says that Claire has been wearing the same dress for most of six months. (She also doesn't own a hairbrush, ew!) The triplets are generally unappealing because they're always burping, farting, and being generally obnoxious. Some argue that the triplets have separate personalities, with Byron being the most sensitive (or gay) triplet, but we don't see it much. To us, they're pretty much just one character. To Jeff Schafer, they're "JAB."

Vanessa is probably the least gross of all the Pike kids, but she talks in rhyme and that's annoying. And we can't forget Mallory! With hair that she describes as looking like a rat's nest, she also fits in with the gross Pike family. Insects and ticks are attracted to Mallory- there's got to be something wrong with her! Also, the Pikes own Frodo. Hamsters can be pretty gross.

The food that the Pikes eat is gross. Bologna seems to be their favorite food and it is consumed in a variety of ways: with mustard, fried, cooked in a hotdish, or even plain. They sure love their disgusting bologna! Sometimes they eat lamb, which is sad and gross at the same time. The very grossest food that the Pikes eat is Daddy Stew, a hotdish made with chopped up hotdog pieces in it. Mmmm!

These are just some of the things the Pikes do. We've made up a lot more disgusting things about them (such as it being Frodo that clogged the toilet in Abby in Wonderland. The Pikes in our minds are probably different than the Pikes in other readers' minds. The thing is, we just love to hate the Pikes!

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Who We Love and Hate in the BSC

Love! Hate!
  • Richard
  • The Brunos
  • Jenny Prezzioso
  • The Pikes
  • Boo Boo
  • Alan Gray
  • Pete Black
  • Charlie Thomas
  • Ben Brewer/Hobart
  • The Mancusis
  • Uncle Joe
  • Frodo and Misty
  • The Pow
  • Old Hickory
  • Carrot
  • Maggie's Rattail
  • Sean Addison
  • The Masters
  • Karen Brewer
  • Robert Brewster
  • Squirt
  • Becca Ramsey
  • The Pikes
  • Jackie Rodowsky
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Our Official Guide to Peter, Nola, and the Gang: The BSC Ghostwriters

Call us naive, but up until the last year or so Jenna and I didn't know many of the Baby-Sitters Club books were ghostwritten. Once we got over our initial shock (and denial) we realized it made complete sense and we'd been foolish to think Ann was writing all those books by herself. And it totally explained how and why the baby-sitters got so psycho. Our mom, however, still seems personally offended by the use of the ghostwriters. I think she lost a part of herself the day we told her the news.

Once we learned about the ghostwriters we quickly became familiar with each of their different writing styles and habits. (For anyone who doesn't know, if a BSC book is ghostwritten it'll contain a recognition in one of the first few pages that goes "The author gratefully acknowledges [Ghostwriter] for his/her help in preparing this manuscript.") We've found that, in general, we like some ghostwriters more than others.

First up in our ghostwriter discussion is Nola Thacker. For the most part, Jenna and I aren't too fond of books written by Nola. It's not that she's a bad writer. It's just that she has some writing quirks that annoy us. The main problem is books written by Nola constantly refer to other BSC books. Now, in general I don't have a problem with the BSC members referring to other "plots" they've experienced, but in Nola books it's really bad. Jenna and I like to keep a tally of "other book references" when we read a book by Nola and we usually end up with several tic marks.

I know this seems like a stupid thing to get hung up on, but it's more the way the references are made that kind of bugs me. The references often seem unnecessary and sometimes even awkward, but it's as if Nola throws them in there to prove her BSC knowledge to us. But the joke's on her because sometimes she gets things wrong. Okay sorry, Nola. I'm done now.

On a more positive note, I almost always enjoy BSC books by Suzanne Weyn. I generally like the plots of the books written by her and I have no silly hang-ups with her writing style or habits. And if I remember correctly, Suzanne knows how to keep those Chapter Two's brief. Not quite sure about that, though. Anyway, books by Suzanne that I especially like are Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym); Dawn and the School Spirit War; Farewell, Dawn; Stacey's Broken Heart, and my personal favorite BSC book, Dawn's Big Date.

We also dislike Malcolm and Jahnna. Or Jahanna. Whatever her name is. But the point is, we generally do not like the books that these two write together because they get stuff wrong! Like the color of Tigger and how old Charlie and Sam are. You'd think it wouldn't be that hard because there's two of them. A BSC shouldn't require two people, plus Ann, to write. They're still a step up from Nola, though. Also, we were wondering: are Malcolm and Jahnna married to each other?

Peter Lerangis is, without a doubt, our favorite BSC ghostwriter. This is so for many reasons. For one thing, it seems like he gets all the juicy plots- Stacey vs the BSC, Mary Anne's Makeover, Stacey's Big Crush, Dawn's Big Move, and Kristy + Bart = ? Good ones, with fights and boys!

Peter also has a knack for creating a lot of chaos in his books. There is always a lot of nonsense shouting, shrieking, and crying in a classic Peter book. "Harrumph" seems to be Peter's favorite word to write; he uses it quite frequently and in many variations. "Harrumph" can be a verb or a noun and can have additional r's or written in caps-lock to show extra emotion.

Peter loves to name characters after himself, or bring in Pete Black or Peter Hayes for an appearance. Peter Lerangis loves himself!

Peter Lerangis isn't all good, though. He comes off a little creepy when he writes about the BSC members in their bikinis. Peter's spastic dialogue and wacky narration gets quite tiring after reading too many of his books, which is bound to happen since he ghostwrites a lot! If you haven't read a Peter book in awhile, it's kind of shocking- they're so intensely crazy that it almost reads like a parody of itself.

All in all, we love Peter! Peter fun fact: his pseudonym is A.L. Singer.

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Hodges and Midgets

When Nichole and I are having trouble concentrating on a BSC, we are often distracted by the book's cover. Many of the books have very detailed , realistic covers. Hodges Soileau does a very fine job indeed. But does Hodges have a secret?

Look at the covers of Mary Anne and Little Miss Priss; Dawn Schafer, Undercover Baby-sitter; Claudia's Freind Friend; and Jessi and the Troublemaker. Do you see anything they have in common? Maybe not, but take a look at the younger children on the covers. There has always been something that bugged us about these children, but we couldn't quite place it. Then it hit us.

Were the models for these children midgets? The children all look the appropriate size for their ages. In fact their bodies all look normal. It's their heads that make them appear to be midgets. They have distinctly older looking faces. Jenny Prezzioso on Mary Anne and Miss Priss is a perfect example. Her body looks like it would belong to a four-year old but her face certainly does not. Her large forehead especially makes her appear to be a midget.

But this might not even be Hodges' fault. Maybe he had no choice of models. Maybe they weren't midgets at all, but two images combined- the head of an older child matched with the body of a younger child. But what would be the point of that?

What's the deal, Hodges? Do you have a secret love affair with midgets, or is it just trick photography? We'd really like to know. We'd really like to ask Hodges about these midgets, among other things, so if anybody knows how to contact him, please tell us.

What's your deal with midgets, Hodges?

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Our New Side-Bar Pictures

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Creepy Charlie

What is Charlie Thomas' deal?  He's seventeen, athletic, has had several girlfriends, and drives his own car.  He sounds like a pretty cool guy, right?  Well, not really.  Apparently, he is obsessed with the Baby-Sitters club and has no real friends of his own. Not only does Charlie drive Kristy -and later Abby- to and from club meetings three times a week (for like 25 cents a day), he is also the first one Kristy asks for rides anywhere in town.  Usually when Kristy enters his room to ask this favor, Charlie is sitting at his desk doing nothing and immediately agrees.  Charlie also does not hesitate to drive eight insane 13-year-old girls to the Stamford mall any time they ask.  This is not normal behavior for a 17-year-old guy.  Clearly he is obsessed with the girls in the BSC and he will do anything for them.  In addition, Charlie is also rarely seen with friends.  Most of the time he is seen hanging out with his little brother Sam, who at least has a few friends of his own.  Poor Charlie.

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