A Never-Ending Grade 8

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A long time ago- not too long after I "stopped" reading the Baby-Sitters Club- I read a book called Locked in Time by Lois Duncan. If you haven't read it, I'm going to go ahead and spoil the book for you by saying one of the characters is a young girl stuck at age 13. Or maybe 14, I don't really remember. But she isn't going to get any older. Ever. It sucks and she knows it. Fortunately, the Baby-Sitters don't seem to realize how bad their situation really is while they happily repeat 8th grade over and over. How many times? Well, let's take a look. Oh, and I'm just going to talk about the older club members, for the sake of simplicity. And because I have no respect for 11 year olds who aren't allowed to get nose jobs.

The series begins in September of the girls' 7th grade year, with Kristy's Great Idea. As you can see, the months pass by smoothly:

Book #10 brings Mary Anne her first (Southern!) boyfriend, her first bra, and her first trip through 8th grade. If you aren't more than a little jealous, I don't know what's wrong with you. Anyway, 8th Grade: Round 1 goes by all right, if you choose to ignore Super Special #3, which throws off the time line. Yeah, I choose to ignore it. It was pretty boring, anyway.

The next couple of "years" are a little strange because it doesn't seem like a set time line was followed. Here goes 8th Grade: Round 2:

And 8th Grade: Round 3:

Starting with #59, the series gets into a nice pattern of repeating an 8th grade school year followed by a summer vacation. 8th Grade: Round 4:

8th Grade: Round 5:

8th Grade: Round 6:

8th Grade: Round 7:

8th Grade: Round 8:

8th Grade: Round 9:

And finally, 8th Grade: Round 10:

Now they have to do it all again in the Friends Forever series!

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