A Very Dibble Christmas

In December 2005 I was just finishing up my first semester in a nursing program. I was excited for Christmas break and eager to get my mind off of assessments, check-offs, and diseases. What better place to escape to than Stoneybrook, Connecticut? I found the baby-sitters' fonts (available from the Clubhouse Activity Center) and got to work on making a Christmas project for my sister. It started off as something small; it was going to be a letter to Santa from the members of the Baby-sitters Club. Then I found a small (empty) scrapbook my roommate had given me and I got a GREAT IDEA. Illustrated letters to Santa! The scrapbook ended up taking way more time than I thought it would but I like how it turned out. I'm not usually very good at arts and crafts the way Jenna is, so the BSC Christmas book is my pride and joy :)


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