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Hello! My name is Nichole and I'm 22 years old. I started reading The Baby-Sitters Club when I was in the 3rd grade. I was looking for a ghost story in the school library so I picked The Ghost at Dawn's House. I haven't stopped reading the BSC since then. That's so much of my life. Anyway, I usually checked out BSC books from the library to read, although I owned quite a few. Most of the ones I owned were from my grandma, who often let me pick out one (or 2!) from the bookstore when I visited her. Around 6th grade I realized it was time to move on so I stopped purchasing the books (although I kept re-reading my favorites that I already owned).

Jenna and I pretty much became full-blown obsessed with the Baby-Sitters Club after we discovered the BSC Livejournal Community. We then decided to complete our collection. Sometimes we feel really crazy.

When I was younger my favorite baby-sitter was Dawn, at least before she became crazy. Now my favorite is probably Claudia. My favorite BSC books are Stacey's Emergency, Dawn's Big Date, Stacey's Big Crush, Claudia and Crazy Peaches, and Starring the Baby-Sitters Club! Books that I think are stale are Kristy and the Walking Disaster and Kristy and the Vampires.

I graduated from college in December 2007 and soon I'll start a job as a registered nurse on an orthopedic/neurology floor. I live with my husband, who's a software developer. Other interests of mine are listed on my livejournal profile, harrrumph.

--NP-- (everything I write will be in pink font)

Hi-hi! I'm Jenna, Nichole's three years younger sister! I got into the Baby-Sitters Club after reading the Little Sister series. I especially enjoyed the books where everyone ended up hating Karen for awhile, such as Karen's Prize and Karen's Puppets. I borrowed Nichole's BSC books when I got older. My favorite baby-sitters are Claudia and sometimes Abby. I have a strange obsession with Pete Black. To me, Super Specials are super special and the Mysteries are not. Starring the Baby-Sitters Club; Aloha, Baby-Sitters; Stacey's Emergency and Mary Anne Misses Logan are among my favorite books.

Right now I am a college sophomore majoring in ad design.  I just got a job working as a graphic designer for my university, where I make posters for Intramural Sports and the Campus Activities Board.  For now, I've quit my job at the public library, but hope to return there in the summer.   (While I was working I never checked out a BSC to anyone, I am very sad about that.)

My Livejournal name is whatsleftofmimi, after one of my favorite lines in Welcome Back, Stacey! It's sort of gross. I don't update much, but you are welcome to add me as a friend.

--JT--(everything I write will be in green font)

About our collection:

Here is our collection!  There are only a few books left that we need.  As you can see, we keep our books in a very scary crawl space, in the top half of a hutch that our father made years ago.  We like the layout of this very much because it kind of looks like a shrine.  In case you were wondering, the dirty disc weights are there for support- they keep the hutch from tipping forward. On top we keep our videos, graphic novels, Complete Guide, games, boxes, Portrait Collections, Readers' Requests, and other miscellaneous books.  In the cabinets is where we keep the regular series, mysteries, Super Mysteries, Super Specials, and California Diaries.  We also have two pink BSC pencils.  Hanging from one of the cabinet's knobs is our BSC necklace and a BSC ring.  Our collection has grown so big that this hutch doesn't have enough space for everything, so we had to add a white plastic shelf where we keep our Friends Forever series and large print editions.  Supporting these books is a set of bookends, painted by us:

I painted Tigger on one, Nichole put some dibble BSC words on the other.

Books we need:

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